35-Degees North Arieal Data Collection Company

35 Degrees North LLC is national aerial data company, providing aerial data to Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Insurance, Banking and others to help maintain assets, to tell a better story, at a fraction of the cost and time to produce. 

Digital Media Storytelling

Stories like to be heard. Stories like to be told. Stories love to find an audience. And 35 Degrees North LLC loves to be the ones shaping and pushing the ideas that make up stories - visual ones. From inception to premier, our team goes all in to create, direct, cut, and produce exceptional media.

Talent, skill, and creative vision are just some of what our media team brings to the production table. Whether you're looking to shoot a commercial, put together and film a live show, or need content for a multi-faceted media campaign, you've found the right production team.

Your in capable hands with staff having a strong background in real estate at every stage and asset class type. Along with online marketing with the largest real estate portal sites.

Get started with compiling visual data to help tell your story. 

Our pilots are FFA approved, insured, and experienced. 

High-Resolution Images

4K & HD Quality Video

Easily Downloadable & Shareable Files